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but DO NOT put them into a collection for sale.
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

FREE PHOTOS... Happy Family, Two Sisters, Brother & Sister

Thursday's Pics...
Today I am offering 3 photos of family.

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Happy Family
I like how the parents are looking at the girl, instead of the camera.

Two Sisters

Brother & Sister
( I don't know if they are.)
The words translate to:

Early Skirt-Panties
(strange huh?)


Amy Sutter said...

so sweet! Love the images!
Just wanted to let you know we are having another drawing on Aged Vintage Papier, please enter, all can!
Amy :-)

bathmate said...

So nice your posting.
Everything looks good in your posting.
That will be necessary for all. Thanks for your posting.

I'm Just a Southern Girl said...

Actually it translates to small divided skirt, which is what we call culottes here..and that is what she is wearing!

Ramona Memories said...

The Little Skirt Pants - from a Frenchie ... ;)

LOVE your blog!! THanks for sharing!

Ramona Memories